How Cynicism is Killing Entertainment


"The most successful horror pictures play mostly to females." -- Brandon Gray


"Haunted houses are like strip joints for women." -- Owner of the Hotel of Horror
Hollywood never quite gets it. Titanic surged to the top of boxoffice history because of women. It was a "chick flick with a mustache" as one critic called it. Women go to movies in groups and they go MULTIPLE TIMES. They are the coveted "repeat viewers" and if they love a film, they text their friends right from the movie to tell them to see it.
And they LOVE horror movies.
Gay, straight, old, young, women like to be scared. 6 Degrees of Hell's majority of fans are female. Numerous posts from the female fanbase talk of their love of the genre and show a real knowledge for it as well. Males are known to see a movie once. Usually repeat visits are to bring a female. Men don't see films in groups nearly as much as females and they don't like to stray from action or male oriented genres. Women are known to try different things and give underdog movies a shot and are often the driving force behind non-favored film successes.

Corey Feldman may get top billing as the star of 6 Degrees of Hell, but a girl is the center of this film.

Nicole Cinaglia plays June Galloway, a young lady wasting away in a small town along with her good intentioned boyfriend Chris and his trouble making best pal, Kellen. June finds herself in an odd triangle as she was once Chris's close friend, then turned lover in the wake of the death of Kelly...a girl Chris used to date and part of their friendship circle.


June Galloway (Nicole Cinaglia, center), Kellen Hudson (Joe Raffa, left), Kelly Powell (Ashley Sumner, right) and Chris Alan (David J. Bonner, far right) in the opening of 6 Degrees of Hell


There's something else about June. She was born unique and something knows it and wants her for it. It has followed her for her entire life, slowly trying to wear down her strength as the weak are easy to possess. June is something special and she accidentally crossed paths with a supernatural force that wants to consume her while taking down everyone around her.


Nicole Cinaglia's June in a production still from 6 Degrees of Hell



A friend once said that above quote to me. He said he saw a definite emasculation of males in movies. Guys were way too pretty and their female counterparts were often tougher than they were. He said he saw this in real life as well, where guys now prepare for dates by shaving and "Nairing" their chests, waxing eyebrows and having their hair done or tanning.


Anakin Skywalker is a whining mess and prettier than Natalie Portman, Ryan Reynolds just couldn't make us believe he was macho enough to be a superhero in Green Lantern. Size these guys and dozens of others up against Kate Winslet, Robin Wright and Sigourney Weaver and they will shrink before them. We made this film with our female audience in mind. This is not a horror film that focuses on the brutalization of women. It is not a misogynistic film. As we have said, you won't find the dumb blonde running naked only to be hacked apart by a psycho in athletic sports attire. June is smart. She acts in a realistic way and she is not perfect. Her life is empty despite the bizarre occurrences in it and she has no more ambition than any of the men around her to get out of her one horse town and do something with her life.


Ashley Sumner as Kelly in 6 Degrees of Hell


All of the women in 6 Degrees of Hell are strong characters. Aside from June, there is Kelly who might have been the love of Chris's life until her mysterious and tragic death. She also might have been his pathway out of Metcalfe, PA but...he will never know. We have Mary Wilkins, the gifted crime psychic who predicted 9-11 and is the only figure in the paranormal world that won acclaimed skeptic James Randi's one million dollar cash prize for proving conclusive psychic ability.


Susan Moses as Mary Wilkins in 6 Degrees of Hell


Before anyone gets on their "equal opportunity" soapbox, plenty of males die in "6 Degrees."  The film is an equal opportunity killer. When director Joe Raffa read the script he was asked to make a particular murder of one of our female characters "non-exploitative." In other words, yes, give the audience what it wants with blood and gore but don't make an assault against the female viewing audience. The murder is necessary to the story and not gratuitous and "thrown in there." It is essential to the six degrees around June.


Davy Raphaely in a disturbing scene from 6 Degrees of Hell


Raffa replied that when he was done shooting and editing that scene it will look like something from a French art film...eerily beautiful and most of all as tragic as it is horrific. This is a bright young director who also wanted more than the slash and gore "torture porn" horror film. While we have said that those films have their place and fans in the genre, this is NOT what we set out to do.


That particular scene is absolutely haunting as it is tragic. The whole thing is simply so sad and yet audiences will talk about it after they leave the theater. Our composer, John Avarese, took special care with this scene and totally went away from the screeching, bombastic murder music of slasher films and gave something so dark and profound it all comes together in an evil scene.


Erik Sanborn (Kyle Patrick Brennan) gets a surprise in 6 Degrees of Hell


"I want girls telling their friends to see this," Raffa said. We think they will. They will hang on their date's arms, hiding their eyes but yet peeking and loving it, especially the last 15 minutes of the movie. Because somewhere, deep inside the horror, ghouls, blood and mayhem there is a lost love story at the center of 6 Degrees. As odd as it sounds, there is. The Shining, when analyzed, is about the destruction of a family through alcoholism. The Exorcist is about a struggle between science and faith. The green vomit, head spinning and levitation are all window dressing.


There's more going on than meets the eye in 6 Degrees of Hell


Alien, Aliens and Alien 3 are really about a woman's search for not just independence but also her soul while going through Hell to get there. Our June is more akin to Ellen Ripley, Nancy Thompson and Laurie Strode...vulnerable but strong and most of all, intelligent.


All of the characters in 6 Degrees of Hell are haunted and  they are all lost. They are looking for something. Chris is so afraid of being alone he stays friends with Kellen Hudson despite his proclivity for getting into serious trouble. Kellen is that kid who was once a marginal hotshot in high school and now kicking around his little home town doing nothing and dating the middle school and high school girls. He is a pretty boy loser. Chris is weak and needs a girlfriend and when his dies, he finds solace with June, yet he is not the love of her life. Their relationship is one of convenience. Better miserable together than alone. However something passes between June and Erik Sanborn,a ghost hunter,  and the audience sees there is chemistry. Erik represents hope to not only free June from her supernatural torment but maybe fulfilling what she needs in her life as well.


While we have enough maniacs, monsters, ghosts and evil to satisfy both sexes, we do not take our female audience for granted because, unlike their male counterparts, they are the real box office powerhouses. If girls like your movie they will reward you with their box office power.


We hope we get a rousing female endorsement.







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